By: Marlene Cervantes

Sitcoms have been making us laugh since I Love Lucy first came out in 1951. New Girl is a refreshing sitcom that combines comedy and drama as the characters deal with their life choices.

Jess, a school teacher, goes through life in a swirl of awkwardness and optimism. When she needs a new home, she views Craigslist for listings and eventually moves into an apartment with three guys. Nick, Coach, and Schmidt prove to be a unique set of individuals. Nick is a lazy bartender who never finishes anything, Schmidt is an overly confident ladies’ man, and Coach is a crazy sports fan who loves to yell. Along with Cece, a professional model and Jess’s best friend, the boys help Jess stand up to her ex-boyfriend. The successful confrontation led to the group becoming lifelong friends. The series follows their interactions, relationships, and adventures. 

New Girl is a perfect show for binge-watching. The characters are realistic and driven by emotions, never afraid to show their friends they care. There is also comedy mixed into the show, though it is not overbearing. Zooey Deschanel’s unconventional style makes her character Jess truly stand out. For seven seasons, we get to see Jess and her friends grow into truly happy people.

New Girl is available to watch on Netflix.