By: Marlene Cervantes

Everyone has heard the story of Sleeping Beauty, but Maleficent is often tossed aside as just another villain. Maleficent, nicknamed the “Mistress of Evil,” is one of the most wicked antagonists to hit the fiction world. Broadly based on Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, the live-action Maleficent offers a different perspective to the otherwise classic tale.

The movie begins with a young Maleficent flying through the sky, enjoying her freedom. We see the “villain” start as a protector of her home kingdom, the Moors. After a great betrayal, Maleficent turned the bright and colorful Moors into a dark and dreary place. 

Meanwhile, Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty, is born to King Stefan and Queen Leah. After not being invited to Aurora’s christening, Maleficent arrives enraged and unleashes a sleeping curse on Aurora. As a result, Aurora is sent to live with three fairies for her protection. 

As time passes and Aurora grows, so does Maleficent’s bitterness. In order to find true happiness, the Queen of the Moors will have to let go of her spite, and Sleeping Beauty will have to let go of her naiveness. 

Angelina Jolie plays Maleficent perfectly. While she remains stoic and regal, her eyes betray her. The movie is sophisticated enough for older audiences without being tedious. It will have you wishing for the magic seen on the screen to be real. Maleficent puts a twist on the classic tale by telling the story from the antagonist’s point of view.

Maleficent is available on Disney+.